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There will be links here that will help you get started.

Get the game on Apple's App Store or Google Play when it becomes available.

There are two worlds, and the player is one of the unlucky ones who knows about the other world. The Shadow Realm is full of evil and darkness.

When will it be released?

When it's ready.

With seriousness, the game was originally planned for public beta release in Q4 2018 but the entire code base is being rewritten. The new goal is to have a playable alpha or beta by the end of Q3 2019, possibly the beginning of Q4. We are privately funding the game with our time and money from other work, and are unable to work full-time on it due to other responsibilities.

Support is available on our support forum or through e-mail. There will be knowledge base articles available here, as well as a ticketing system available.

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