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Factions give benefits or disadvantages to players depending on reputation with that faction. Reputation may be gained with factions by completing quests or tasks for NPCs who belong to those factions.

Each guild has its own faction, including player-driven guilds.

Faction Rankings

There are 8 ranks for factions from bad to good. Most factions start at a neutral point of 0. Some may start higher or lower. Listed here are the names of the faction ranks, but numbers are not included, because each faction has its own specific calculations for the rank.


Players who are hated will, in most cases, be attacked on sight. In some cases, such as sanctuaries, the player will not be attacked, but will not be served or spoken to by an NPC. Guards who hate a player will not help the player, and can be attacked by the player. City and National factions will cause members of these factions to attack the player. Other factions will not cause an attack, but may refuse service.


Players who are condemned may or may not be able to interact with NPCs such as shopkeepers, and guards who dislike a player will likely not help players in need. If a shopkeeper will interact with the player, the prices will be drastically higher than normal prices.


Guards will not help or attack players, and most NPCs are interactable. However, the merchant will increase the price to the player and decrease the price of items he or she purchases from players.


Neutral players can interact with most NPCs and can receive help from guards. Shopkeepers prices will be somewhat high, but these are the normal prices. Guards will also assist the player.


Guards will assist the player, and may have quests for the player. Merchants may give a discount on items that are for sale.


Guards will be friendly and are more likely to offer quests to the player from time to time. Merchants give a discount and a chance to purchase rare items from them. Earnings from sales to the NPCs will also be increased. Some NPCs may offer quests not available to lower tiers of reputation.


Guards will protect you, even against others who are friendly or neutral to them, and are likely to offer quests. Merchants will offer a significant discount when purchasing from them, and will pay more for goods sold to them. Guards, Merchants and other NPCs will offer quests to the player when available.


Guards will protect the player, even against other players who are honored with the faction. Merchants will be quite generous, and offer epic-level items when available. They will offer almost retail rate when selling to them. Any quests available will be offered, with a chance for epic items and increased rewards.

Major Factions

There are many major factions throughout the world of Xeovis. These are guilds, merchant alliances, nations, etc.

The Mages' Guild

Talyon's Watch

The Artificers' Guild

Order of the Holy Arrow

The Knights Templar

Minor Factions

Talyon's Cross Mercantile Exchange

City of Dewsbury

Army of the Oath

Northshore City

City of Freeport

The Shadow of the City

Council of the High Priests

Light's Army

The Light of the Storm

Player Factions

Guilds that have been granted a charter will have a faction created, and an entire area will be created, including NPCs, guards, and will have some other benefits included, depending on the charter.

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