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The Kindred Four is a third-person role-playing game set between two worlds. The main world, known as either Xeovis (pronounced Zay-Oh-Viss), or the Realm of Light, is medieval with magic, science, religion, infrastructure, history, and people. It is very similar to many other modern RPGs.

The secondary world, however, is desolate. It is known as the Shadow Realm, and shares features with Xeovis (the Realm of Light), but is a nightmare world, with no or decayed infrastructure, eerie trees, no law, no order, and demonic creatures roaming the world. This is where the majority of conflict will arise in the game.

This is its wiki. Everything here is subject to change, and has changed multiple times already.

An introduction to the game will help you get started.

Check the Development Log for progress reports and/or updates.

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